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About Marisa S White

Marisa S White is best known for seamlessly stitching multiple photographs together, weaving her own personal narrative through surrealistic and fantastical imagery. Having grown up in Houston, Texas with The Menil Collection and the MFAH in her backyard, Marisa was heavily influenced by the Surrealists. She incorporates these dream-like scenes to express and idea or an emotion perhaps not so easily conveyed through traditional landscapes and realistic settings. However, her images speak to concepts not so foreign or mysterious, but to touch upon our own questions of life, love, fear and the unknown.

Initially a mixed media collage artist, she received her BFA at the University of North Texas. Through her studies she fell in love with the camera and further secured the use of photography in her work after a summer in Missoula, Montana at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. Marisa now resides in both Colorado & Virginia with her husband, aka Captain Awesome, and their four-legged child named Shelby.